Banks of Nothing: an ode to Mt. Tabor Park

Banks of Nothing
an ode to Mt. Tabor Park

light breathful
gaseous sight
billowing white form full
shifting occupies
zero’s economic

massed clouds capturers of
endeavoring to see
moment’s firmament churning
over the city airy mixed toxin

absent hour
wondering unsolved stampede of billow’s swell
lost mammoths
unearthed wandering the public grove hover
above the drinkingwater reservoirs like lakes
pools of sips lemonade sink
flush carwash flower water
flowing out
pipe network underground unthinkable arteries
arterioles here pool full
of future and forest aquifer passage
to acquire the aspect of

I note no wartech roar inside this hour
though they’ll mass spray
herbicide again this year
to kill invader species at a sacrifice

the hillside’s open enclosure
inner-lit bodies ramble
raccoon people and city squirrels
moles and bird cultures cherry trees pine-giants

illumine us undone
dispersed light
heavy body’s feathery foot trudging paths
hauling eyes around years

wealth of nations impoverished
bliss weedy growing
crack we make in the banks
of public